Top Reasons to Become a Graphic Designer

Are you good at designing logos or other print materials? Or maybe you’re great at creating websites and mobile apps. Whatever your skills or interests, graphic design jobs are always in demand. There are several reasons why becoming a designer is a smart move.

Graphic design offers endless opportunities for individuals who love art and creativity. Some designers even travel around the globe to create unique pieces of artwork or advertisements for clients. If you want to become a successful graphic designer, here are the top reasons to get started.

Top Reasons to Become a Graphic Designer

1. You Can Earn More Than Your Average Job

The average annual salary for a graphic designer is $47,180 (PayScale). While this figure doesn’t seem very high on paper, it does beat many other occupations that pay more money. For example, teachers make an average yearly salary of roughly $42,000, while doctors earn nearly $77,000 per year — not counting bonuses!

2. Designers Get to Expand Their Minds

You might think that graphic designers spend most of their time staring into a computer screen…but they don’t. Most designers take classes so that they can learn about new techniques and styles to add to their portfolios. This means that you will be expanding your mind as well as making valuable contacts in the process.

3. No Business Experience Required

Most graphic designers indeed have to obtain a business degree first. But not all business degrees translate directly into graphic design jobs. For instance, if you are interested in advertising, you will probably need an MBA with marketing experience. However, if you are a creative type like a web developer or illustrator, no business training is necessary visit

4. It Helps Build Your Portfolio

Getting paid to design is a dream come true for many people. Many artists use these opportunities to work on their masterpieces, whether it’s an illustration project or a book cover design. The best thing about doing freelance work is that it helps build up a portfolio. After all, if you’ve done a few designs before, isn’t it easier to find a job?

5. Graphics Design Jobs Are In Demand

There are two main types of jobs available in today’s world of design. First, there are corporate jobs where businesses outsource their projects to freelancers, such as through Craigslist. Second, graphic designers work in the public sector, usually using government-funded resources, such as tax dollars.

6. Anyone Can Be A Graphic Designer

Although certain levels of education might help you secure more lucrative jobs, graphic design has none. Not only are there no prerequisites, but even those with little artistic talent can also land graphic design work. Even teenagers can do it! Just look at popular teen celebrities like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. They were both trained by their parents in how to draw when they were young and went on to launch successful careers as graphic designers.

7. Freelancing Is Fun And Easy

Many graphic designers choose to pursue a career in this field because it allows them to develop their talents without being tied down to one company. Also, it allows graphic designers to set their hours and work from home. Sure, you may run into setbacks sometimes, but the fact remains that you still get to see what you want to accomplish each day.


As you can see, graphic designers are extremely versatile in that they create everything from logos to illustrations, advertisements, websites, etc. With the current economic climate, now is the perfect time to start pursuing your passion!